8 Great Moves to Stay Active at Your Work Desk

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Let's face it. Nobody thought in 2020 we would be spending this much time sitting at desk getting this much screen time. Feels like we are living in a watered down Mad MAX sequel pandemic world. Here are a few tips to get some blood flow to your limbs and refocus your efforts throughout the day.

  1. Desk Yoga (its a thing) in fact, my cousin who is an attorney in Detroit recommends it. I have yet to try a 5 minute class myself on the Peloton App. but it maybe in my future and yours, if you happen to subscribe to Peloton's streaming service.

  2. Set an alarm on the hour every hour to remind you to get up, stretch your legs, and take a few laps around your office. Wireless headphones come in handy here if you are on a call.

  3. Chair Squats. Simple standing up and sitting back down 10-15 can do wonders for your backside.

  4. Keep water at your desk and sip frequently. You stay hydrated, and get a mini break walking to the restroom.

  5. Use a Stability Ball as your desk chair. Not only is this option good for your posture (forces you to balance) it doesn't have to be a permanent all day thing. Try it for 30 minuets and work your way up.

  6. Do 20 Seated Leg Extensions and 20 Circular Ankle Rotations every hour until you reach 100. Taking your time and flexing your quad muscles in between during each repetition will ensure maximum blood flow.

  7. Seated Arm Circles. This may look like you are a bird about to take off to your co-workers but the group of muscles in your rotator cuffs and upper back with thank you later with the added movement.

  8. Seasted Sun Salutations Mr. Miyagi Style! Have you all SEEN Cobra Kai on Netflix!?? I am not a yoga expert-or a karate expert, nor do I know any of the formal names for poses and moves in those two disciplines, but this move involves bringing your arms out into a circle and around positioning them over your head, hands clasped together in a prayer (this is starting to remind me of the end of a Soul Cycle class) and the bringing to hearts center while deep breathing. 10 stretching reps GO!


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